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Jepson Media is a company founded by Josh Jepson and run by both Josh and his wife Brooke. Josh started building this company way back in 2011, when his YouTube channel started gaining traction. At the time, gaming content was beginning to hit it’s stride in the entertainment world. The gaming industry has grown and burst from the seams alongside the larger internet media world, and what we do at Jepson Media falls smack dab in the middle of the two industries.

Our focus and mission statement is to create a fun escape for people, through gaming and entertainment. Over the years this focus has lead us to working with big video game companies, such as Nintendo and Ubisoft, and directly with other creators on YouTube, Twitch and other social platforms.

It’s always been a dream for Josh, to build a company whose purpose it was top work with cool people and companies and make cool stuff. At it’s surface this seems like a pretty general dream, but that open-mindedness has lead us to developing and growing entirely new ideas that no one has ever seen before!

So what’s next? Jepson Media now owns an offshoot company called Versus Media, which has been created as a starting point for live events for e-sports and speedrunning, both rapidly growing fields of the overall gaming entertainment industry. In addition to building this new company, we keep chugging away on Twitch and YouTube almost daily, so please give us your time! We know you’ll have fun!