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Josh Jepson is an internet entertainment creator on YouTube, Twitch, and Patreon. Since starting in 2007, his focus has always been to share his personal gaming experiences and lifestyle with his dedicated viewer base of over 200,000. Josh is also the co-creator of the YouTube channel Versus, a video game racing channel that continues to grow and evolve, and is soon to become a live event for speedrunners called Versus Expo! Josh has worked with many video game companies over the years: Nintendo, Ubisoft, Indie Devs, feel free to use this contact form to reach out to Josh directly if you’re an indie developer or PR agent and would like to work with a creator who is passionate about gaming and the video game industry! Below you can find links to Josh’s outlets and a playlist of recent videos. Josh also owns a media company called Jepson Media, which is the hub for all of our business!